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Dear Church Family,

In 1967 Covenant Presbyterian Church completed these facilities on Dundee Road, and for years (through the 70’s and 80’s) flourished in ministry in our city. On October 6, 2008, Redeemer held its first worship service in the Fine Arts Auditorium at Winter Haven High School. As a new church, we were not thinking about a building of our own. It is usually years before a church plant is able to afford a permanent location. However, in 2009, the leaders of Covenant approached us about gifting us the property for the sake of seeing ministry continue to the next generation. It was an act of generosity that still amazes me.

Towards the end of 2009, we moved into the facility debt free. Being unencumbered by a mortgage allowed us to pour all of our resources into ministry – hiring a church planting apprentice within the first five years, launching community ministries such as Heart for Winter Haven, and prioritizing local and international missions. By God’s grace, we have been a fruitful church in our first ten years in Winter Haven. In order to continue to be a healthy, fruitful church, and a base for healthy church-planting, we need to make some much needed repairs and improvements to the facilities we were so generously given. Throughout our first ten years, we have chosen to prioritize ministry.

In order to continue to do so in the next ten years, we need to stop and prioritize our facilities. To that end, after seeking the Lord’s guidance, our leaders have decided to initiate a capital campaign.

The goal is not nicer, more comfortable accommodations for us, but a ministry base better suited for the mission we believe God has called us to in Winter Haven and Polk County. This is not a change in our vision. It is the next step in accomplishing our vision. I hope you see our commitments reflected in the campaign itself, as we also try to raise money for future church planting and missions.

I believe this campaign is full of faith and also wise. We are looking for God to work – grace abounding – while we seek to be good stewards of the resources God has given us. Please make yourself familiar with this campaign and being to ask God how you should participate financially.


Drew Bennett, Lead Pastor